Castletop Cockers, reg. is a small, private, breeding facility, established 1969, in New York State's beautiful historic Mid-Hudson Valley. 2012 marks my forty-third year producing lovely, sweet-natured cocker spaniel puppies, exclusively and meticulously line-bred, with an emphasis on maintaining the beauty of traditional sporting dog type, musculoskeletal integrity and endurance, unsurpassed overall health, temperament and longevity, all of which are now inherently well-rooted in this bloodline.

Having acquired our first English mastiff in 1983, we believe that the dogs we've produced demonstrate our ongoing determination to preserve classic breed type, dependable temperament, exceptional health, soundness, longevity and overall balance. We therefore take pride in the fact that the dogs presented on this website culminate our efforts to create an ideal blend of English and American blood, three decades, generation after generation.

American Kennel Club

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Mastiff Club of America