The Cocker Spaniel - an American Tradition

Cheerful and sprightly, this hearty, smallest of the sporting breeds, is highly adaptable, comes in a wide variety of colors, and is the quintessential family pet.

We have several happy, healthy baby puppies, charming crate-trained older puppies and lovely sweet-natured adults in a variety of colors ready for immediate placement to suitable pet homes. Contact us for further information.

Our cocker spaniels are tightly line-bred, which has permitted us, for over four decades ~ weathering the test of time ~ to consistently produce classic sporting dog type, genetically sweet temperament, robust health and musculoskeletal integrity and endurance.

We place our cocker puppies exclusively into responsible family pet homes and stand behind each and every placement. Contact us for information about available puppies.

Cocker Spaniel - Am. Can. Ch. Castletop's Hot Fudge at 5 mos.
Am. & Can. Ch. Castletop's Hot Fudge at 5 months.

Cocker Spaniel,  Castletop's Demitasse at 3 months
An assortment of Castletop Cockers, including Castletop Demitasse at 3 months on the left.