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"Drum" (Castletop's Drumroll)

Castletop's Drumroll
Ch. Storm TaTanka O'Applewhaites, CGC, TDI
Ch. Peersleigh Storm Sherman
Ch. Odin of Dahlseide
Master of the Woods
Dahlseide Dame Puddin-Tame
Ch. Peersleigh Princess Carolyn
Ch. Willowledge Ceasar III
Peersleigh Lady Lorelei
Loxley Storm Druidess
Can.Ch. Northwood Earl of Loxley, TT
Ch. Grenveldt Great American Hero
Ch. Quellwater Deer Run Antique
Can.Ch. Storm Drudwen of Lazy Hill
Ch. Damaria the General
Ch. Storm Dixieland Delight of BH
Castletop's Kismet
Ch. Damaria the General
Huegenes Golden Apollo
Nandina Zane Grai of Cedwalla
Beaumaring Cerddwen
Damaria Princess Rhyanon
Wyaston Henry Tudor
Eng.Ch. Zanfi Princess Tanya of Damaria
Castletop's Indian Summer
Indian Raid's Beezlebub
Ch. Lancelot of Evergreen
Deer Run Donna
Indian Raid's Ms. Sheeba
Indian Raid's Scaramouche
Indian Raid's Diabolique