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"Margot" (Castletop's Indian Summer) with her first litter of puppies 1 day old. Raisin is the dark puppy 2nd from the left.

Margo playing surrogate mother to a rehabilitating blind wild fawn.

Margot with the fawn

Margot's Pedigree

"Raisin" Castletop's Raisin in the Sun

Raisin's Pedigree

"Kizzy" Castletop's Kismet

Castletop Kismet  Castletop Kismet

Kizzy's Pedigree

"Drum" Castletop's Drumroll

castletop drumroll    castletop drumroll

Drum's Pedigree

"Liza" (Castletop's Stepping Out) and Her puppies by Drum (center front is Tank)l

liza    liza x drum puppies

Liza's Pedigree

"Brutus" (Ch. Sir Brutus of Lexington)


Brutus' Pedigree

"Rhoda" Castletop's Rhoda Rooter


Rhoda's Pedigree

"Tank" (Ch. Castletop's Tanker's Aweigh), whelped 1/15/97


Tank's Pedigree

"Murphy" Ch. Castletop's Murphy's Law


Murphy's Pedigree

"Nadia" (Castletop's Nadia's Theme)

nadia  nadia

Nadia's Pedigree

"Hotrod" (Castletop's American Graffiti) whelped 12/18/01; owned by the Nisoff family; Peru, NY
and "Cruise" (Castletop's Just Cruisin') owned by breeder (fawn)

hotrod    hotrod    cruise and hotrod

Cruise and Hotrod's Pedigree

"Mudge" (Castletop's Much Ado)
by the late Ch. Iron Hills Little Rascal ex.
Castletop's American Graffiti,
pictured at 10 mos.
Mudge is owned by Diane Lyons, Northport, NY


Mudge's Pedigree

"Torque" (Castletop's High Octane) sired by Ch. Medievals Tankard of Grog, ex Castletop's Rhoda Rooter.


Torque's Pedigree

"Trinity"(Ch. Castletop's Moonlight Sonata LXT) whelped 12/30/00


Trinity's Pedigree

"Mabel" (Castletop Lexington's Pinup Girl)
whelped 12/30/00


Mabel's Pedigree

"Luna" (Castletop's Harvest Moon) sired by Castletop's High Octane, ex Lionhearted Spring Peeper
(Owned by the Romano family; Brewster, NY)


Luna's Pedigree