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"Luna" (Castletop's Harvest Moon)

Castletop's Harvest Moon
Castletop's High Octane
Ch. Medievals Tankard of Grog
Ch. Castletop's Tankers Aweigh
Castletop's Drumroll
Castletop's Stepping Out
Gannons Snoozin Sophie
Classic Rocks Maverick
Shebas Classic Maverick
Castletop's Rhoda Rooter
Castletop's Drumroll
Ch. Storm TaTanka O'Applewhaites, CGC, TDI
Castletop's Kismet
Castletop's Stepping Out
Ch. Damaria the General
Castletop's Raisin In The Sun
Lionhearted Spring Peeper
Ch. Lionhearted Maximum Power
Lionhearted Medieval Man
Ch. Double D Cameo's Mario
Lionhearted Double D Mariah
Grizzlys Total Eclipse
Int.Am.Ch. Avalon Tucson Warrior, CGC,TDI
Lionhearted Blackberry's Gypsy
Lionhearted Star of India
Ch. Eastland's Sir Bates
Ch. Brier Cliff Semper Fidelis
Ch. Eastland's Bolinda
Lionhearted Goliath's Emily
Ch. Meriwether's Mo Jo Man
Lionhearted Deb's Esmeralda