Testamonials from Our Clients

The overwhelming number of my puppy-owning clients report that their experience with their dogs have been exceptional in all respects. The following are excerpts from recent client emails:

"Zoe-he (Will) is a joy. The other dogs have been great to him, and has stolen our hearts. You've done it again..."
D. W.
Mt. Kisco, NY

"...you have an exceptional 'product' and anyone who is fortunate enough to have one of your puppies is truly blessed. Your dogs are my best friends, fantastic companions and great therapists...."
K. B.
Rochester, NY

"The C. family ADORE our new addition Molly . . . She is a wonderful, smart little girl that has, once again, added the puppy charm to our home. Molly respects and tries to play with our Gus, who turned 8 years old in May. Our cocker home is full of warmth and love for us, and those that visit, they are both such a joy!..."
R. C.
Setauket, NY

"Hi Zoe, Newton is incredible. He peed on the paper three times, happily goes in his crate, ate well, and just gives us so much love. It is truly amazing how you trained and loved this dog. As previous dog owners, the difference is breathtaking. He is confident, smart, and loving. You did an unbelievable job, we are all marveling. Thank you. Cheryl"
Cheryl M.
New York, NY

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Cocker Spaniel - Am. Can. Ch. Castletop's Hot Fudge at 5 mos.
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