5 Common Architectural House Designs

Cities and suburbs around the world are home to many unique and different architectural house styles. Some of the styles reflect houses from centuries ago, while others tend to reflect recent designs and the future of how architectural houses will be. Everyone has a particular preference of how they like their home to look and these various house styles aim to accommodate people’s tastes. Here’s a look at some of the common architectural house designs.

  1. Contemporary House

Contemporary architectural house style refers to the building styles that are currently trending. These can be characterized by fusing the interior design with the exterior to create a sense of flow. Contemporary houses can further be characterized by their irregular or asymmetric aesthetic, they typically emphasize on geometric shapes, windows are usually on the larger side, and they tend to mix building materials such as wood, stone, or metal to build the house. All in all, contemporary house styles have managed to bring an interesting and unconventional perspective on how homes should look, a reason why they’ve become so popular.

  1. Farmhouse

Farmhouse styles are a modern take of the rural family farm homes. The farmhouse style varies according to regions, however, some of the key characteristics of this classic style do not differ much. Many of the farmhouses were constructed in rural areas to accommodate the agricultural lifestyle. Many are still built in the rural areas, but others have made their mark in urban areas too. Modern farmhouses also feature an open kitchen and living room area, with simple and clean lines. The houses can include a porch or porches, as well as wood sidings.

  1. Tuscan House

Tuscan House styles provide an aesthetic that depicts traditional Italian homes. The architecture manages to combine some modern house elements with the classic Italian design that offers the houses an old European charm look. The houses further feature terracotta roof tiles, stucco exteriors with some stone accents, and narrow windows which tend to be tall. The Tuscan style often also features decorative ceilings with wooden beams.

  1. Greek Revival House

Greek Revival architectural houses are inspired by the houses from ancient Greece. This style came up around the early nineteenth century and has managed to echo through till today next to contemporary construction styles. The characteristics of these houses include open floor plans with column porticos outside of the front door. Many of the Greek Revival home’s exteriors are painted white, but the most common characteristics of these homes are their columns and pilasters.

  1. Victorian House

Victorian house style originated in The UK under the reign of Queen Victoria in England, long before you could play at a Philippines online casino. This house style can often feature a mixture of overlapping styles that include early Greek revival, Italianate, Gothic Revival, Romanesque, and many others. This style can be seen in many countries, all of which have adapted it to fit their local lifestyle, building materials and taste. The characteristics of the Victorian era architecture are an asymmetrical façade, with overhanging eves and a front gamble. They also typically have a double or triple-storey with porches that stretch across the front of the houses.

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