5 Of The Oldest Cathedrals In The World

Far more than just places of worship, cathedrals are renowned for their exquisite architecture and cultural influence. Built during different periods throughout history across the globe, the list of incredible old cathedrals is endless. However, these are five of the oldest and most interesting cathedrals in the world that are still standing.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral – 1707 Years Old

Built a whopping 1707 years ago, the Etchmiadzin Cathedral is located in Amenia. An iconic building within the history of the Christian religion, the Etchmiadzin Cathedral is still operational today and acts as the headquarters of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

With its name translating directly to “the place where the only begotten descended”, this cathedral was built by Saint Gregory the Illuminator and is known for its typical Armenian style. That is, pointed domes, stone materials and impressive height.

Hagia Sophia – 1481 Years Old

Functioning as a museum today, the Hagia Sophia Cathedral was original built during the Byzantine Era by Emperor Justinian I in Istanbul.

Over many centuries, it changed hands and function – transforming from its original purpose as a Christian church to becoming a Greek Orthodox cathedral, an Imperial mosque and even a Roman Catholic cathedral.

Basilica Of San Lorenzo – 899 Years Old

One of the oldest buildings in the city of Milan, the Basilica of San Lorenzo earned the title of the being the largest circular cathedral across the globe at the time of its completion.

Today, the building continues to be operational. While it has maintained many features of the original structure and design, it has undergone some renovations over the years.

Santa Maria in Trastevere – 875 years old

Most famous for its awe-inspiring golden mosaics, the Santa Maria in Trastevere was originally built as a tribute to Mary, the mother of Jesus – hence the name.

Its Romanesque style design and architecture make the cathedral a true feast for the eyes. Today, the building is considered one of the oldest cathedrals in the whole of Italy. In fact, the building still has some of its most incredible features, including the bell tower that was constructed in the twelfth century.

Cathedral Of Trier – 875 Years Old 

Any visit to Trier in Germany would be incomplete without visiting the Cathedral of Trier. Not only one of the oldest cathedrals in the world – construction started in 340 AD – this cathedral is home to a few of arguably the most significant relics within the Christian faith.

Two of these relics include one of the Holy Nails that is believed to have held Jesus on to the cross during his crucifixion, and the robe he was wearing just before he was crucified.

Final Thoughts On 5 Of The Oldest Cathedrals In The World

Boasting phenomenal architecture and jaw-dropping beauty, these cathedrals simply ooze history. While only some of them still function as cathedrals today, these religious buildings have stood the test of time and continue to hold significance in the modern world where slots games and other wonders abound.

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