5 Of The World’s Coolest Skyscrapers

If you’re a fan of impressive architecture, visiting some of the world’s coolest skyscrapers is sure to leave you stoked and inspired. Not only can you marvel at the phenomenal architecture of these buildings, but if you’re lucky enough to find yourself at the top, you can enjoy the exquisite views that they provide.

Here are five of the most awe-inspiring skyscrapers across the globe!

Burj Khalifa – Dubai

It wouldn’t be a list of the world’s coolest skyscrapers without mentioning the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world. At 2,722 feet tall, this skyscraper is not only insanely tall, but it also boasts massive floor space – 3.3 million square feet, to be precise.

The Burj Khalifa holds lots of other records too, including the highest nightclub in the world. Located on the 144th floor, this is a club for party goers who aren’t afraid of heights!

Bitexco Financial Tower – Ho Chi Minh City 

One of the tallest buildings in Vietnam, the Bitexco Financial Tower earned a place on CNN’s list of “25 Great Skyscraper Icons of Construction” in 2013.

Not only is the building a feat of architectural mastery, its designed is also proudly Vietnamese. The skyscraper boasts a helipad that juts out of the side of the building, and it’s designed to look like a Lotus, the Vietnamese national flower.

Petronas Tower – Kuala Lumpur

Joined together by a double-decker sky bridge at the 41st and 42nd floors, the Petronas Tower is the world’s tallest twin building.

Its design incorporates Islamic influence in several ways, reflecting Malaysia’s Muslim culture. Therefore, the Petronas Tower is not only incredibly tall – about half the height of the Burj Khalifa – but it also involves significant cultural influence making it unique.

Kingdom Centre – Riyadh

Boasting an admittedly interesting design – that is, a gaping hole at the top of the building – the Kingdom Centre has 99 floors. However, in accordance with Riyadh architectural law, only 30 may be used.

While a significant portion of the building cannot be utilised, the skyscraper is still home to a wedding venue with a capacity of a whopping 3,000 people – not a bad place to tie the knot!

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Large, flashy and the star of an award-winning movie, the Marina Bay Sands is nothing short of fabulous, with a capacity of an astounding 45,000 people.

Not only is it impressive from the outside, but this skyscraper has just about everything you could possibly need – a casino that rivals the action on offer from sites that feature online betting in New Zealand, hotel, museum, resort, shops, theatres and loads of restaurants. It also has a gorgeous roof-top infinity pool and a mind-blowing party venue. Not a bad place to let loose and have some fun!

Skyscrapers Changing The Skyline Forever

Renowned for an array of different reasons, each of these incredible skyscrapers has something unique to offer visitors. Boasting phenomenal architecture and unique designs, these skyscrapers are among some of the best in the world for good reason.

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