Arkansas Enduro Series | Round 1 | BELLA VISTA ENDURO | Arkansas Outside (2024)

Arkansas Enduro Series | Round 1 | BELLA VISTA ENDURO | Arkansas Outside (1)

With over 100 miles of trails, Bella Vista boasts an array of adrenaline-fueled experiences to properly kick off the 2024 Arkansas Enduro Series. From the technical limestone ledges along the Back 40 to the steep slopes of Little Sugar, expect a variety of exciting stages with bluff line views of the caves, creeks, and lakes found throughout this popular outdoor destination.

Registration opens Saturday, June 15th at 8am with participation based on a first-come, first-served basis. To create a rewarding enduro race experience, organizers reserve the right to limit overall event participation. Each participant entry includes:

Up to 8 stages and 20 miles of rider-designed racingwith dedicated pre-race practice times the day prior to the race.

Sufficiently marked courses with maps emailed to participants the week of the event.

Lively mid-race aid stations with access to professional neutral mechanics and medical support.

Professional event timing with accuracy to the 1000th of a second and instant results.

Complimentary post-race meal and cold beverages (21+ for adult beverages, ID required) in a family-friendly festival setting.

Awards ceremony by category with over $2000 in pro payout and prizes awarded 5 deep.


In partnership with the Bella Vista POA, the Bella Vista Enduro will be based out of Berksdale South – a large community greenspace just north of the Sugar Creek Center featuring scenic views of Sugar Creek and access to the Little Sugar trail system.

Race Venue Address –30 Sugar Creek Center, Bella Vista, AR 72714


Final event schedule with packet pickup, official pre-ride, and start times will be released the week of the event. Arkansas Enduro Series events are rain or shine except under extreme circ*mstances. When permittable, an official pre-ride/practice will be scheduled the day prior to Race Day(s). The Race Director reserves the right to adjust the schedule due to any unforeseen circ*mstances.

Saturday | Check-In & Pre-ride

Sunday | Race Day


If you Google search “places to stay in Bella Vista” you’ll see they’ve got no chain hotels. What they do have, however, is a wide variety of bike-friendly and nicely designed vacation rentals located right inside the trail systems. Many rentals have direct trail access so you could spend the whole weekend in the saddle without ever having to jump back in your car.

AIRBNB– A popular oasis for quiet getaways, Bella Vista offers numerous Airbnb’s to accommodate groups of any size – with several prime locations right along the trails. For a selection of bicycle-friendly favorites,

BLOWING SPRINGS CAMPGROUND– this scenic campground features 64 RV spaces, primitive tent camping, cozy tiny cabins, picnic areas, a restroom and shower facility with a laundry area and lounge, wireless internet service, plus access to the Blowing Springs and The Back 40 trail systems. Tent and primitive camping is available in designated grassy sites. Each site includes a grassy area, campfire ring, picnic table and parking area. For reservations

DRY CAMPING– when possible, limited dry camping spots at the Race Venue will be available to reserve during event registration. Please refer to the event’s online registration service for additional details.


If you’re hungry, thirsty or perhaps a little bit of both, Bella Vista offers a wide selection of delicious choices. Many of the restaurants and grocery stores are just minutes from the trails, so you can stop in or grab food to go with ease. For a detailed guide on all of the authentic flavors and dishes that Bella Vista restaurants have to offer just


SAFETY –This is not the time to skimp on protective equipment. Helmets are required to be worn on course during official event times and we highly suggest a full-face helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

TEMPERATURE –In early September, the temperature in Bella Vista typically ranges from66°Fto85°Fand is rarely below57°For above94°F.

WATER & SNACKS –While hydration will be available at select locations on course, riders are encouraged to plan to carry at least 50-60 ounces of water and enough snacks to sustain themselves under strenuous exercise.

NICE TO HAVES –Bug spray, sunscreen, spare tubes, pump or CO2, plugs, patches and other parts.

DOGS –Dogs are allowed but are required to be on a leash at all times. No exceptions.

TRASH –If you pack it in, pack it out. We are guests. Please follow all event sustainability and recycling requests.

RACE DAY MEAL –A post-race meal will be provided to racers and volunteers on Race Days only. Redeemable meal tickets will be provided at the Registration & Timing tent. When possible, additional food trucks and other resources will be made available on-site for fans, family and friends.

WAIVER –All participants will be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to competing in the Arkansas Enduro Series.

REFUND POLICY –Arkansas Enduro Series events are rain or shine, and refunds will not be issued except under extreme qualifying circ*mstances including adverse weather, natural catastrophe, or an act of terrorism. Should a round of the Arkansas Enduro Series be canceled for a qualifying reason and not rescheduled within 90 days, a full or partial refund of participant’s registration fees will be issued back to the credit or debit card used to originally register for the series. The Race Director reserves the right to adjust the schedule due to any unforeseen circ*mstances.

Arkansas Enduro Series | Round 1 | BELLA VISTA ENDURO | Arkansas Outside (2)

If participants choose to add additional Registration Protector through BikeReg, those claims are handled entirely by Allianz Global Assistance. For policy questions or to file a claim visitwww.eventregistrationprotection.comor call 1-888-799-2832.

SERIES RULES –additional series information and rules available

Arkansas Enduro Series | Round 1 | BELLA VISTA ENDURO | Arkansas Outside (3)

Arkansas Enduro Series | Round 1 | BELLA VISTA ENDURO | Arkansas Outside (2024)


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