Destiny 2's The Final Shape Builds Are a Blessing and a Curse For One Class (2024)


  • Prismatic subclasses offer new playstyles in Destiny 2, enhancing the experience for dedicated players. However, Titans are in an odd spot.
  • Synthoceps remain popular due to their strong melee damage, meaning that the best option for Titans remains the same. However, new Exotics like Hazardous Propulsion are on the rise.
  • The Final Shape expansion introducing exciting changes to Titan builds paves the way for fresh strategies in PvP and PvE - even if the meta strategy is one that has remained for some time.

Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion launched amid server stability issues that marred the experience for some players on day one, but between its story, gameplay, and design, it's rightfully sitting among the best releases for the game so far. Prismatic subclasses in Destiny 2 are as interesting as they can be powerful, with a mix of various Aspects, Fragments, and abilities from the Light and Darkness subclasses that can unlock new playstyles and combinations. This is a massive boon for buildcrafting, with a good example being how Hunters can now use Combination Blow with Stylish Executioner for great melee damage and constant invisibility, all while having Golden Gun as a Super.

Prismatic is not without flaws, however, and some new combinations have to rely on classic Exotic items that have been used for years, whereas some of the old meta staples are finding new life with The Final Shape Exotics. This is thanks to a few factors, such as Destiny 2's sandbox changing with the expansion, as well as new tools being offered to Guardians. The prime example of this is the way Titan builds have changed with The Final Shape, but not all of it is necessarily a good or a bad change.


Destiny 2: Exotic Armor that Deserves the Exotic Class Item Treatment

Destiny 2’s new Exotic class items could seize the opportunity to bring new life to old Exotics by introducing more Exotic class item Spirit rolls.

Destiny 2's Prismatic Titan Builds Are a Double-Edged Sword

Why Synthoceps Are Still The Best Exotic For Destiny 2's Prismatic Titans

A problematic Exotic for a long time, Synthoceps are once again rising in usage for Prismatic Titan builds because they are a reliable way of getting more melee damage for the new hot combo of Knockout and Consecration, and they go well with Bladefury as well for extra Super damage. Destiny 2's Synthoceps Titan Exotic has been one of the best for years because, on the one hand, Titan builds typically rely on some form of melee damage due to their melee focus in terms of design, and on the other hand, it's easy to proc the extra damage. It can stack with other sources like Banner of War, too, which drove Bungie to nerf this specific interaction in The Final Shape due to how dominant it was in Season of the Wish.

The fact that Synthoceps are still prevalent in the current meta highlights another problem, which is the lack of other solid options for Titan builds - be it in the core design of the class focusing too much on melee, or be it in terms of powerful Exotics. Prismatic Titan builds in Destiny 2 can make use of multiple Exotics and still provide players with fun loops, but in terms of raw damage, Synthoceps may be just too strong at the moment to leave behind.

It's worth noting that the new Exotic Class Items in Destiny 2's The Final Shape have yet to come out, but they might shake up the meta. Not only do they have Spirit of Synthoceps as one of their perks, but this will be available for all three classes.

Destiny 2's New The Final Shape Exotics Could Be What Titans Need

While Synthoceps are still a core part of many builds in The Final Shape, including Prismatic, Destiny 2's new Hazardous Propulsion is set to become a must-have for DPS and general play in PvE as well as a great Exotic for PvP when combined with Drengr's Lash. What Hazardous Propulsion does is grant stacks of Exodus Rockets, up to six, which are then consumed when players use a class ability - including Thruster from Arc. The missiles then track and damage targets by a hefty amount, which is useful in and of itself.

Players can obtain Hazardous Propulsion if they complete the Legendary Campaign of Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion. Otherwise, the Exotic can be obtained by reaching rank 17 with Master Rahool in The Tower.

However, the biggest factor that makes Hazardous Propulsion a great Exotic is that it increases the damage dealt by rocket launchers in Destiny 2, as well as that of rocket-assisted sidearms and even the missiles from the Grand Overture Exotic machine gun. This is critical for DPS in PvE activities like Raids, as rocket launchers are already great for damage, and 6 stacks of Exodus Rockets provide 35% extra damage for 10 seconds. What follows is that old combinations like the trusted and true Apex Predator god roll with Reconstruction and Bait and Switch will still be meta, but this time with a dedicated, powerful Exotic that's fresh from The Final Shape.

Destiny 2's The Final Shape Builds Are a Blessing and a Curse For One Class (2)
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Destiny 2's The Final Shape Builds Are a Blessing and a Curse For One Class (2024)


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