Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (2024)

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Destiny 2: The Final Shape has updated the weapon roster with new Exotics to chase, one of which is a randomly-rolled Sword. Ergo Sum is the first Special Sword in the Destiny franchise, and it's one of a few Exotics to drop with random rolls. Everything from the base frame to its Exotic perk is random, so you'll want to farm for as many copies of this weapon as possible.


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If having a Sword that can spawn Gjallarhorn projectiles or Telesto bolts sounds good to you, then you'll need to complete the "Destined Heroes" quest first. Complete the Final Shape campaign, speak with your Ghost, and complete these steps to get your hands on an incredibly powerful Exotic weapon.

How To Start Destined Heroes

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (2)

The "Destined Heroes" quest is unlocked immediately upon completing the Final Shape campaign. Speak with your Ghost in the Lost Tower to claim your campaign rewards, then listen to the nearby radio to get started. This quest will take you across the Pale Heart of the Traveler to unlock the rest of your Prismatic abilities. Destined Heroes will take roughly an hour to complete.

Complete Queens, Part I

Your first step is to complete the Queens, Part I adventure located directly across from the radio you just used. Adventures are short quest-style missions with fairly low combat difficulty, so you don't need any endgame builds here.

The goal of this adventure is to redirect incoming damage to nearby Hive runes that match the enemy's damage type. When you first start the mission, you'll enter a locked path with a single Hive Knight, Acolyte, and symbol. Killing any Hive Knight in this mission will spawn a Hive Sword. Pick it up, then hold the block key. Blocked damage is redirected to your crosshair. In this case, the Acolyte's weapon deals Solar damage, so it'll empower the Solar Rune blocking the path.

Just outside will be nine elemental runes, three for each Light element. Once again, block incoming damage with your Sword to redirect the projectiles. These enemies can empower each rune:

  • Arc: Wizards.
  • Solar: Acolytes, including Lucent variants.
  • Void: Shriekers.
Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (3)

Upon making your way to the shores of the Pale Heart, Savathun will grace you with her presence. She is guarding another set of elemental runes, but this time you'll need to empower them with elemental orbs. Simply pick up an orb and throw it at the matching rune type (Arc, Solar, or Void). If the rune is covered in a green transparent shield, grab a nearby Hive Sword and use a heavy attack projectile to break the shield. Repeat this a few times to finish the adventure.


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Complete Lost In Light

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (5)

"Lost in Light" is a short quest that will unlock the remaining Light options for your Prismatic subclass. The quest itself is rather straightforward. Track the quest on your map, fast travel to the closest destination, then follow the diamond marker on your HUD. Interact with any memories you find, and complete the following adventures:

  1. The Hollow: Part I.
  2. The Hollow: Part II.

The Hollow: Part I

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (6)

This quest is fairly straightforward and shouldn't be too difficult for most players. You'll be assisting Mithrax with hacking nearby terminals and empowering Light and Dark plates. The start of the quest requires you to hack a terminal and defend your Ghost against waves of Fallen. This objective is paused if your Ghost takes damage, but you can simply resummon your Ghost to continue.

The second part of this mission requires you to empower Light and Dark plates by defeating a matching Taken Captain. They will have the suffix "Light" or "Dark" in their name, denoting the type of motes they drop. You'll need five of a particular mote type to cleanse a plate. Get five motes, run to the plate, and it should automatically cleanse. Repeat this process as needed until you finish the mission. A boss will spawn near the end, but they're a complete pushover.

The Hollow: Part II

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (7)

Korha has retreated to the frozen landscape of Europa, and it's up to you and Mithrax to put an end to his schemes. You'll periodically need to escort an Explosive Shank through a combat arena. Enemy forces will focus on destroying the Shank, so do your best to redirect their attention or kill them outright. When the Shank gets to the end of their intended path, shoot them to destroy the blockade.

Most of the adventure plays out in this fashion, spawning progressively more adds with each section. The end of the level sees you fighting Korha once again, this time surrounded by House Salvation and Dread forces. Kill the Salvation Servitors to spawn orbs, then dunk those orbs to spawn a wave of Explosive Shanks. This will break Korha's immunity shield. Once it drops, lay into them with your Heavy and Super. Repeat until the mission ends.

Complete Found In The Dark

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (8)

Transcendent enemies appear throughout this quest. Be sure you have a Prismatic subclass equipped.

As with the last quest, you will need to complete two adventures and listen to some dialogue to unlock the remaining Darkness options for your Prismatic subclass. Mark the quest on your map, fast travel to a nearby patrol zone, and follow the marker on your HUD. Once again, you'll need to complete two adventures;

  1. Home, Part I.
  2. Home, Part II.

Home: Part I

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (9)

It's time to sabotage some shield generators. After a fairly lengthy combat gauntlet at the start of the level, you'll be tasked with destroying pairs of shield generators. An Artillery Officer will spawn shortly after you clear the nearby area. Eliminate the officer to spawn an Artillery Antenna. Plant the antenna atop of a generator. Repeat this for each section until you complete the mission.

Breaking all generators will spawn a Colossus miniboss you must eliminate. When the boss becomes immune, two Subjugators will spawn that you must damage while in Transcendence. Once both are slain, refocus your attention on the Colossus until it's dead. Subjugators are fairly resistant to explosive weapons, so you might want to use precision weapons like Snipers and Linear Fusion Rifles if they're giving you trouble.

Home: Part II

This is a repeat of the last mission with one added twist: Biting Cold. This debuff will slowly tick down throughout the mission, similar to the opening encounter in Deep Stone Crypt. Once it hits zero, you immediately die. Stand near fire pits found across the level to reset your timer. Other than that, it's the same pattern as last time. Kill the Shadow Legion to spawn an explosive orb, then throw it at a shield generator to destroy it. Rinse and repeat.

The final boss in this adventure is a Goliath Tank. Bring a good Heavy weapon to destroy it.


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Complete Queens, Part II

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (11)

Now that you've unlocked the rest of your abilities and Aspects, it's time to confront Savathun and her Lucent Brood. There aren't any complex mechanics or puzzles in this mission, but there is a Tormentor duo towards the end of this adventure. Be sure you have a good precision weapon and some form of crowd control to take care of them. Beyond that, it's a typical Destiny mission. Bring a build or weapon that's great at clearing adds, and you shouldn't have any issues.

Use The Dyadic Prism

Return to your Ghost in the Lost City. You will receive a Dyadic Prism, an Exotic item that takes up an Energy weapon slot. You ideally want to complete this quest ASAP to get this out of your inventory. Travel to the Sacrarium and start the "Hope" adventure. Walk up to the veiled statue and hold interact to infuse your Dyadic Prism with the Light. You'll receive Ergo Sum for your troubles, an Exotic Sword with random rolls.

How To Farm Ergo Sum

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (12)

Additional copies of Ergo Sum may be obtained through Pathfinder rewards and the Overthrow activity inside the Pale Heart. Pathfinder is guaranteed to drop one per reward set, but you can only earn two Ergo Sums this way per weekly reset. Overthrow has a random chance of dropping the Sword, but there doesn't seem to be a reward cap for this activity.

Overthrow Daily Rotator

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (13)

The Overthrow activity must be completed in the daily threat zone to have a chance of dropping Ergo Sum. You can matchmake into the current threat zone through the "Machmade Overthrow" playlist inside the Pale Heart. It's located next to the Pathfinder reward menu and above The Blooming region.


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Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Quest Guide (2024)


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