Destiny 2: The Final Shape's Dread Faction Gives the Scorn a Run for Its Money (2024)


  • The Final Shape expansion in Destiny 2 concludes the Light and Darkness Saga with a showdown against the Witness.
  • The new Dread faction in The Final Shape presents a significant challenge for players, akin to the notorious Scorn faction.
  • The Dread faction specializes in slowing and immobilizing players, making encounters with them especially demanding.

Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Final Shape, is now here, bringing the last ten years of Destiny to a head with the epic conclusion of the Light and Darkness Saga. While the primary fight of the expansion sees players in pursuit of the Witness, who seeks to enact the Final Shape and bring everything to an end, The Final Shape also introduces the new Dread enemy faction. These dangerous foes serve the Witness with unbridled dedication and can be tough to overcome when they're in large groups, especially if players are enjoying The Final Shape's campaign on Legendary difficulty. In fact, this new enemy faction may rival Destiny 2's Scorn faction in one significant way.

Destiny 2's Scorn faction, introduced in the acclaimed Forsaken expansion, is almost universally considered the most annoying faction in the game. Whether it's Lurkers with their shields, Chieftains with their totems, or Raiders with their invincible cloaked sprint, players have long expressed their hatred for the Scorn. In spite of that, the Dread may now be in the running for the most annoying enemy faction in the game, due to their ability to easily overwhelm players with the right combination of forces. While the challenge of defeating them can be rewarding, the Scorn may nevertheless finally have a worthy opponent.


Destiny 2's Most Iconic Exotic Weapon Has Competition in The Final Shape

The Destiny franchise may be known for its Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, but a new Exotic weapon has arrived in The Final Shape to challenge it.

Destiny 2's Dread Faction May Be More Annoying Than the Scorn

Attendants, Weavers, Harbingers, Omen, and Grim Specialize in Slowing and Immobilizing Players

The primary characteristic of the Dread in Destiny 2 that makes them such a hassle to deal with is their ability to utilize the power of Strand and Stasis against their foes. Anyone who has implemented Destiny 2's best Strand and Stasis builds knows how easily they can slow and immobilize enemies, leaving them open to an attack. Unfortunately, this is exactly how most of the Dread keep players at bay.

Firstly, there are the Dread Attendants and Omen, who both use Stasis abilities to conquer their opponents. Facing either can be a tough fight due to their ability to deal significant damage from a distance. However, their most annoying characteristic is that their attacks can slow and potentially even freeze players. Unlike Attendants and Omen, Weavers and Harbingers use Strand abilities that can ensnare players. This is all especially annoying, considering the Dread often appear in large groups, so if players happen to be frozen, slowed, or suspended, they're left vulnerable to attacks from other enemies.

On the side of slowing and immobilizing players, the Grim are the first flying enemies in Destiny 2 to have wings. In addition to their ability to easily evade attacks and fire from range, they can briefly suppress players with a loud scream if they get too close. All in all, most of the Dread ensure their foes can't even move around the battlefield, but one other enemy is equally irritating.

Husks Have One of the Most Annoying Counter-Attacks of Any Enemy in Destiny 2

Of all the counter-attack abilities of enemies in Destiny 2, even Taken Hobgoblins, Dread Husks might have the most frustrating. Firstly, Husks are quick, as they rely on melee attacks to subdue their enemies, so they have to close the gap as hastily as possible. However, they are still just as difficult to deal with from range, as they spawn a homing Geist when slain by anything other than a critical hit that will track players down and explode when in proximity for massive damage.

Destiny 2's Scorn faction has long held the title of the game's most annoying enemy, but the Witness' new Dread army might have taken the cake in The Final Shape. There are plenty of reasons to fear these new enemies, as it is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by them, especially as many of The Final Shape campaign's battle arenas have players in tight quarters with the enemy.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape's Dread Faction Gives the Scorn a Run for Its Money (2)
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Destiny 2: The Final Shape's Dread Faction Gives the Scorn a Run for Its Money (2024)


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