Is Vanessa Ray “Eddie” From “Blue Bloods” Pregnant In Real Life? (2024)

Vanessa Ray is a singer and an American actress and has also appeared in movies like Devil’s Due and the Shows Like Suits. She started her acting career by playing minor roles in production shows and Tv shows. In the soap opera As the World Turns, this was one of the most important roles in her early career. As the World Turns was about the lives of medical and legal professionals.

Also, after her role as Jenny Griffith in the Suits, she became very popular. Suits were about 2 lawyers Harvey Specter and his assistant Mike who were solving the legal case. The show received multiple awards for its storyline. Vanessa Ray, Eddie has also played in the police drama ‘Blue Bloods.’ This show also got favorable reviews from fans. Vanessa has also performed in various other movies, such as Not Waving But Drowning, where she played the main role. She has also performed in a supporting role in the comedy film The Rumperbutts.

Ray’s acting career started with performing roles in musicals like Finding Nemo: The Musical and Footloose. In 2003, she was first seen in a cinematic role in The Sparky Chronicles: the Map. She also played the role of Katrina in the film Finding Chance in 2008, and the following year, she started playing the role of Teri Ciccone in soap opera.

Ray also made her appearance in 2010 in some episodes of Damages which is a legal thriller series to watch. Story of Damages revolved around a protégé Ellen Parsons and a ruthless and brilliant lawyer Patty Hewes. She was also seen in the comedy movie called Nice Guy Education in the same year.

Is She Pregnant in Real Life?

Is Vanessa Ray “Eddie” From “Blue Bloods” Pregnant In Real Life? (1)

Vanessa Ray is considered to be one of the most acclaimed entertainers, and she is also compensated for her job. She is also the one who has been rewarded with the long-running vocation in the lengthiest shows, Blue Bloods. Undoubtedly Eddie is dropping hints about her pregnancy in the show. But according to her Instagram post, there are still 3 children, and there is no sign of the other.

Also, Eddie is not an active entertainer online, as she has not posted anything in her account for a while now. There is news from various media publications and newspapers that her midsection is expanded, so there are possibilities of her being pregnant.

Ray, also recognized for her roles in Blue Bloods and Pretty Little, was spotted with Tummy Bulge during a dinner date. Also, according to many sources and reports, it is claimed that Ray is seen with two toasts that too with water rather than wine during that night, which is extremely uncommon. So, for the people who are unaware that if a person is pregnant, she is not allowed to drink alcohol. Also, after some days, the actress claimed that she was not the one who commented on her personal life.

In the last 24 hours, many rumors have been spread about her pregnancy, and this was the news that was followed by her engagement rumors last week. If we see the storyline of Blue Bloods, it is observed that Eddie is being pregnant, and she is the one who is offended by her husband. Later, one of the characters of Blue Bloods, Jamie, claims that the husband should not be affected if his wife is pregnant. So, at this time, taking offense, Eddie eventually reacts very strongly by just dropping hints about her pregnancy.

Is Vanessa Ray “Eddie” From “Blue Bloods” Pregnant In Real Life? (2)

Likewise, Ray is always with her husband that too for a very long time, and this is more likely that the couple is waiting for the opportunity. Until the year 2022, Vanessa Ray was not pregnant. She is also the one who is highly recognized for her role in Pretty Little Liars. In this, Ray is seen featuring and portraying the role of Charlotte Drake. From all her roles, she is the most talented and very well-known American actress who is more famous for her roles as an Officer in Eddie Janko Reagan on Blue Bloods, Jenny on Suits, and in many other TV shows and movies.

Previously, Vanessa Ray was the one who was very active on all her social media accounts. She is the one who has 630000 followers on Instagram and 103,000 followers on her official Twitter account.

So, Vanessa Ray is not pregnant, for all those who think that she is!

Is Vanessa Ray “Eddie” From “Blue Bloods” Pregnant In Real Life? (2024)


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