Leasing Without Advance | instacar (2024)

Myth #1

There is no leasing without deposit!


The modern leasing of used cars is named instacar and it brings you the leasing without deposit. Forget everything you knew about the traditional side of leasing, in which you need huge deposits equal to 20% of a vehicle΄s total value. You choose a car and you collect it in 2-10 days, without any hidden charges and no strings attached.

Myth #2

There is no leasing without down payment, as long as there is instastart


What replaces huge deposits? The answer is instastart! You only pay it once and it consists of two parts. The registration (270€ + VAT) and one monthly subscription of your selected vehicle. Should you keep the vehicle for 18 months the subscription is credited back to you in the form of a free month. On the other hand, if you decide to buy the vehicle the subscription is counted on the final price.

Myth #3

Instacar is no different from traditional leasing services


In traditional leasing you are committed to strict contracts, with a usual duration of either 36 or 48 months. In addition, they don’t give you the option to switch vehicles according to your needs. On the other hand, at instacar we operate based on a subscription model. You have no strings attached, you keep the vehicle for as long as you wish and you can return it, switch it or even buy it whenever you want.

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Myth #4

There are no leasing services for individuals without deposit


Do you remember the old days when leasing was only for business use? For us, this situation belongs to the past. You, an individual, can pick any vehicle from our fleet and without any huge deposits (usually 20% in traditional leasing) you may enjoy it really quick. Instastart is the only thing you’ll need in advance. It consists of a registration fee (270€ + VAT), which lasts forever, and one monthly subscription, which is returned to you as a free month in case you stay with us for 18 months. Should you decide to acquire the car at any given moment, this monthly subscription is counted as part of the final price.

Myth #5

There is no leasing without a bank


If bank involvement in traditional leasing is a concern for you, then you will be glad to know that banks have no intervention in instacar’s services. We just carry out a brief and typical financial check, and in case that your request is approved, you’ll be ready to collect your car. The only documentation that we need for the financial check, can be found here.

Myth #6

It is not possible to buy a car in installments without a bank


The moment you start leasing an instacar, you are already eligible for buying it whenever you want. The price will be competitive according to the vehicle’s market value. In addition, part of your monthly subscriptions will be taken into account when we form the final price. While you can’t buy a car with installments, but without bank intervention, you can take advantage of instacar’s services and make it happen.

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Myth #7

Leasing without a bank does not concern small and medium enterprises


Flexible instacar leasing refers even to single-person enterprises. Don’t worry, you will not be asked for a long list of supportive documents. For the typical financial check, which we conduct without bank intervention, we need slightly different documentation depending on the legal form of each business. In a single-person enterprise we’ll need an E3 document and a tax statement of the legal representative, while in a General Partnership more documents will be needed as an E3, a N document, and a tax statement of the general partner. In case that you need to take a thorough look at the required documentation for businesses and individuals, check here.

Myth #7+1

Leasing without a bank does not apply to used cars


Are you uncertain about buying a used car? You can then rely on our services! Just choose a used vehicle from our fleet and we vouch that it will be like a brand new one. At the same time you will be benefiting from all leasing amenities such as free maintenance, circulation tax, and no-fault insurance. Instacar takes any potential risk of a used car and you just enjoy driving a used vehicle in a brand new condition, for as long as you want!

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Leasing Without Advance | instacar (2024)


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