Merge Mansion Combinations - Beginner's Guide to Tips & Tricks (2024)

Metacore Games, formerly known as Everywear Games, has released Merge Mansion, their first puzzle game. The game’s concept is that you merge stuff in your little garage, to produce items needed to fix your mansion! There are numerous special things that will help you along the journey. So don’t miss out on them.

Below are some Merge Mansion tips for beginners. We also have a list of Merge Mansion solutions and the ability to ask your own game-related question if you get stuck.

Keep your Permanent Source Items

Merge Mansion all items relies around the use of permanent source materials. These are higher-tier items that gets craft by merging lower-tier ones. Most of the items on the board can become permanent source items if they are together sufficiently. As a result, our advice in the early phases of the game is to combine freely.

Explore the board and become familiar with the items so you can comprehend what creates what. You’ll probably unlock several permanent source goods in the process, which is wonderful because you’ll need them to start creating the things needed for jobs.

Keep an Eye Out on those Dusty Items

When you look over the board, you’ll discover a number of elements that are like cobweb-covered and seem to be idle. These objects are designed to be unlocked by combining them with an active element with the same tier. Idle items like this can’t be moved back and forth on the board, so they will just lie there.

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So, it would be helpful if you could keep trying to unlock these cobwebbed items in order to free up as much space on the board as possible. In reality, you won’t be able to do it in a reasonable amount of time. So don’t overlook these dusty objects; they’re crucial to the puzzle’s success.

Focus On Completing Tasks

Prioritize generating the items required to perform the tasks at hand. Tapping on whichever source item is given randomly only works at the start of the game. Once you’ve made a good headway and the board has become cluttered, you’ll need to slow down. You might also need to concentrate on the items that will assist you in completing chores.

Level Up Fast in Merge Mansion

Completing tasks across the estate lets you have the reward with little blue stars or XP. Crafting upper-level objects on the board will yield small blue stars. Focus on creating a higher-tier Gardening Toolbox, so you can get more items in one session.

Put A Booster On the Board

Leveling up grants you access to a set of three Boosters, which you can use when merging on your board. For example, reaching level 8 will earn you a Brown Chest, an Energy Chest, and a Bronze Coin Chest. Now, these objects are highly significant, especially the Brown Chest. These boxes frequently contain stuff that you’ll need in the future to fulfill particular objectives.

Completing game missions is another method to get these useful Chests. Take note for jobs that pay more than XP in exchange for your time. Putting three Post lights in the Grand Drive, for instance, will earn you 3 XP and a Brown Chest. It’s a good idea to combine these Chests when you can, so you can get higher-tier ones with more elements.

Merge Energy Bubbles, Coins & More

Additional specialized Chests are available in this game. Additional specialized Chests are available in this game. Make sure you constantly merge the chest items to earn higher prizes. If you’re in need of anything specific, coins can come in helpful.
Spend Gems Wisely

Gems are resources that can speed up the game considerably. They can also be used to buy Double Bubbles (bubbles containing a duplicate item) These offers, when they do appear can be quite alluring. But it is recommended to avoid spending those Diamonds as much as possible.

Don’t Miss a Free Piggy Bank Every Morning!

Breaking Piggy Banks is the only way to gain more Diamonds in Merge Mansion. You can earn this power-up by performing various activities. Alternatively, keep an eye out for a free level 1 Piggy Bank in the shop every day.

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You can merge Piggy Banks, like most other objects in the game. Thus, you could theoretically earn a Level 3 (maximum) every four days by merging the ones you get from the shop. This is to assume you have enough room on the board. You can see the coins and a few diamonds in piggy banks. Make sure they’er together so you can get the most money out of them.

Increasing your Inventory in Merge Mansion

If you don’t pay attention, your merging board will quickly become overcrowded, to the point where you won’t be able to drop objects. To help you in this, the game provides you with an Inventory where you can store stuff that you aren’t currently utilizing.

However, this storehouse is pretty small, and in order to expand it, you’ll have to invest some of your coins. Increasing your inventory also means knowing what your Merge Mansion item list are. So ensure that you’ll have every materials that you need for the game.

Sell Lower-Tier Items that are Easy to Produce

Alternatively, you can always sell items for a few pennies to clear space on the board. In this instance, it would be best to limit yourself to selling only lower-tier things that are easy to replace.

Don’t sell items that took a long time to make; instead, put them in the Inventory. Always check your current to-do list and the aspects you need to focus on in order to achieve these objectives. Make sure the item you’re thinking of selling isn’t something you’d use in this situation. Overall, keep an eye on your merge mansion list of item, strategies and gameplay throughout the level.

This part will help you achieve your goal and win the game. If you’ve been playing Merge Mansion for a while and you like more of these puzzle games, check out more here on this site.

Merge Mansion Combinations - Beginner's Guide to Tips & Tricks (2024)


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