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Missoula ranked 15th best-run city in the US

Personal-finance website WalletHub used 36 metrics around education, the economy and the environment for the assessment.

Man arrested in fatal shooting of woman in Helena

A man has been arrested following the shooting death of a woman found inside a car parked on a Helena street, police said.

Volunteers fan out for United Way of Missoula County's 'Day of Action'

Volunteers from several local businesses spent Friday helping other nonprofits around town with special projects.

Shelf Life: PaddleHeads read stories at Missoula Public Library

Activities at the Missoula Public Library this week:

Missoula and Western Montana neighbors: Obituaries for June 22

Read through the obituaries published today in Missoulian.

Free MMIP search training offered in Box Elder Sunday

Julianne Denny was 13 years old when she participated in her first search effort for a missing Indigenous woman.

Missoula and Western Montana speaks up: Letters to the editor for the week of Jun. 21, 2024

Our weekly round-up of letters published in the Missoulian.

Pray woman charged in April death of bicyclist near Clancy

    A Pray woman has been charged after allegedly killing a 36-year-old bicyclist from Alberta, Canada, in April and fleeing the scene.

    New members join Montana MMIP Task Force

      Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen on Wednesday announced new appointments to the state’s Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force.

      What you missed this week in notable Missoula and Western Montana crimes and court cases

        This week's local crime and court updates from Missoulian.

        Caras Park gets new, colorful LED lighting

          Caras Park got a new nighttime LED light installation recently.

          A little less conversation, a little more lemonade

            Mason City boy pairs his love of Elvis with a lemonade stand, singing and dancing to the King of Rock and Roll while offering folks a cold glass of lemonade.

            State warns public of jury duty phone scam

              The Montana Department of Justice is receiving reports of fraudsters trying to scam people out of money over the phone by claiming there is a warrant for their arrest due to missing jury duty.

              Missoulian week in review: Local news recap for June 15-21

                Here's a roundup of local stories that ran this week.

                Indian boarding school survivors get chance to share their stories, preserve history

                In July, Indian boarding school survivors will have the opportunity to share their stories with a national organization that aims to document history, raise awareness and promote healing.

                Lolo Hot Springs celebrates Lewis and Clark Expedition Days in first annual event

                Hoping to be the first annual event that will continue for years to come, Lolo Hot Springs Resort and Lodge plans to host Lewis and Clark Expedition Days from June 20 to 22.

                Carlton gravel pit expansion study initial results released

                Initial results from a groundwater study showed little evidence the Carlton gravel pit outside Lolo is contaminating nearby water.

                UM gets $9.5 million for ocean, climate change research

                The money will fund research on how much carbon dioxide the ocean can hold and how sea life is responding to a warming global climate.

                Missoula and Western Montana neighbors: Obituaries for June 21

                Read through the obituaries published today in Missoulian.

                Updated: Judge sentences Hubber, Jaeger to 40 years for fatal Butte bounty hunt

                A judge sentenced one of two men convicted in the shooting death of a Butte man during a botched bounty hunt to 40 years in prison Thursday.

                County approves new contract for Missoula jail medical services

                Wellpath is a Tennessee-based corporation that provides medical care at jails around the nation.

                Video: "World's Largest Swim Lesson" at Splash Montana

                Families participated in the "World's Largest Swim Lesson," a nationwide effort to build awareness for water safety and prevent drowning. The event in Missoula took place at Splash Montana on June, 20, 2024. (Music by Travis Yost)

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                Man arrested in fatal shooting of woman in Helena

                Missoula ranked 15th best-run city in the US

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                Military service provides lifelong lessons to Jim Collins

                Content by AARP.Collins said what he misses the most since retiring two years ago — after nearly 30 years in the military — is the camaraderie, teamwork and trust he experienced during training and service.


                John Nelson: Purple Heart recipient reflects on days in Vietnam

                Content by AARP. When his plane was struck over Vietnam,Air Force Capt. John Nelson took action.


                Big Sky Chamber and UnitedHealthcare team up to help Montana businesses control heath care costs, recruit and retain employees

                Content by UnitedHealthcare. These two companiesare working together to provide a new choice for employee health coverage through the Community Chamber Program.


                What is best solution for unwanted hair in sensitive places?

                Content by Milan Laser Hair Removal. These laser hair removal experts share their observations and insights about the benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal vs. Brazilian waxing.

                Emails to Missoula City Council no longer easily publicly viewable due to format change

                The city government of Missoula stopped publishing online all the emails sent to the city council as of March 4, 2024, due to a format change.

                Woman pleads not guilty to Missoula residential shooting

                Joan H. Eikens was arrested after an hours-long standoff with Missoula police on June 3 at a fourplex on South Eighth Street West.

                Photos: Pride Bout matchup with Hellgate and Electric City Roller Derby

                With rainbow laces on roller skates and colorful outfits beneath crash pads, the Hellgate Roller Derby and Electric City Roller Derby faced off during the groups' Roller Derby Pride Bout.

                New job postings for Missoula and Western Montana job seekers

                Browse through the latest Missoula and Western Montana employment postings and find your next career.

                Missoula and Western Montana neighbors: Obituaries for June 20

                Read through the obituaries published today in Missoulian.

                Video: Hellgate Roller Derby crash course

                The Hellgate Roller Derby and Electric City Roller Derby faced off Sunday during the groups' Roller Derby Pride Bout. Crowds gathered to watch the rally at Missoula's Fairgrounds Pavillion.

                Community Medical Center CEO resigns

                CEO Bob Gomes said he is resigning to be closer to his family in Oregon. It's the second departure of a high-level Community Medical Center official this year.

                St. Mary Canal Siphon Failure

                Two large steel pipes on the St. Mary Canal near Babb, Montana, failed on June 17, 2024.

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