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How can I access my tickets after finalizing my purchase?

  • An email confirmation will be sent to you which you can then use to access your tickets.
  • You can login into the online store with the email address and phone number used at purchase.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, contact Belmont Park Support at 1(858)-367-7488 and they will resend you a confirmation email via new or preferred email.

How can I check my ticket balance?

  • You can view your tickets at any of our rides, attractions, ticket booth, and main ticket office located next to our Giant Dipper rollercoaster.

What can my tickets be used for?

  • You can use these tickets for our rides or attractions.
  • Arcade and Belmont prize games are not included.

Can Universal Tickets be used between more than one person?

  • Yes.

Can I get a physical copy of my digital Universal Ticket?

  • Yes, you may receive a physical copy at our main ticket office located next to our Giant Dipper rollercoaster.
  • Once the physical copy has been printed the digital ticket will no longer be valid.

Are Universal Tickets refundable?

  • No, however, Universal Tickets do not expire and can be saved for your next visit.

Can I purchase any quantity of Universal Tickets?

  • Our online store has selected packages of tickets 10, 16, 30, and the Bonus Pack, for exact ticket please visit our main ticket office located next to our Giant Dipper rollercoaster.

Can I reload my Universal Tickets online?

  • Reloading tickets can only be done onsite at our main ticket office located next to our Giant Dipper rollercoaster. Universal Ticket packages may be purchased online.

Can I combine multiple online tickets?

  • Yes, combining tickets can only be done onsite at our main ticket office located next to our Giant Dipper rollercoaster.

Do Universal Tickets expire? Do they have to be used on a specific day?

  • Universal Tickets do not expire and can be used any day.


What does my over 48 wristband cover?

  • The over 48 wristbands include all rides and attractions, with two turns on the Zipline. All rides and attractions are subject to closure without notice.

Can a wristband be used between more than one person?

  • No, company policy prohibits the sharing of a wristband. Wristbands may be voided if policy is violated.

Why is my photo needed to purchase a wristband?

  • Photos are used to identify whose wristbands it belongs to.

I lost the link to my wristband; How can I access it again?

  • You can login into the online store with the email address and phone number used at purchase.

Are wristbands refundable?

  • No, all sales are final.

Can I upgrade my wristband to an annual pass?

  • Yes, you may upgrade a wristband to an annual pass. You will need to head to our main ticket office located next to our Giant Dipper rollercoaster. This may only be done on the same day the wristband was purchased.

Can I get a physical copy of my digital wristband?

  • If you’d like a physical copy of your digital wristband, you may visit our main ticket office located next to our Giant Dipper rollercoaster. Once the wristband has been printed, the digital wristband will no longer be valid.

Annual Pass

I’m an existing pass member, how does this affect me?

  • All existing pass members will continue to enjoy their current perks and discounts until the end of their expiration date.

How long is my Season Pass good for?

  • All Season Passes are valid 365 days from purchase date.

How many Buddy Passes can I use at a time?

Only 1buddypasscan be redeemed for the selected date perpass.

When do the buddy pass uses expire?

Buddypasses are only active while the seasonpassis active.

When can I use my Buddy Pass?

Buddy Pass Days are as follows:









Can I share my Season Pass?

  • No, Season Passes are designated solely to the member. Revisit tier perks on Bring-A-Buddy options.

Can I get a physical copy of my digital Season Pass?

  • If you wish to receive a physical Season Pass card you may visit our main ticket office located next to the Giant Dipper rollercoaster. View our Park Map here!

How do I use my digital Season Pass?

    • You can use your Season Pass directly from your phone and have it scanned at any ride or attraction.
    • You can go to the ticket booth and redeem it in exchange for a physical wristband so that you don’t need your mobile device.

    How do I use my physical Season Pass Card?

    • You will need to redeem the Season Pass card at the main ticket booth located next to our Giant Dipper rollercoaster for a Ride & Play wristband that will give you access.

    Are Season Passes refundable?

    • Season Passes are not eligible for refunds, all sales are final.

    Account Management

    What are the top traits you look for in a Belmont Park team member?

    • We are looking for enthusiastic, guest-oriented individuals so just be yourself! Attitude and personality play big roles, as well as a good work ethic, a positive attitude about themselves and work, good communication skills with both guests and team members.

    What are the employee perks?

    All full time and part time employees receive free monthly ride passes and discounts on food and merchandise! Other perks include:

    • Competitive Pay
    • Discounts- Free passes for you and your family/friends every month, 50% off at our restaurants, free passes to the plunge and other discounts with affiliated businesses
    • 401-K with a Company Match (eligible after 6 months)
    • Seasonal and Referral Bonuses
    • Opportunities to Develop and Cross-Train
    • Flexible Scheduling
    • Employee Events
    • Teamwork Environment
    • Pet Insurance

    Full time positions are offered medical, dental, vision and life insurance. We also provide paid time off and paid holidays.

    Do you have an employee referral program?

    • We do have an employee referral program and encourage you to reach out to any friends or former colleagues who work at Belmont Park so that they can submit your information. An employee will receive a $350 referral bonus for every referral that passes 30 days of employment.

    How old do I have to be to work at Belmont Park?

    • You must be at least 16 to work at the park. All minors (under 18) are required to have a valid work permit prior to the start of employment.

    How do I search and apply for a position?

    • The best way to search jobs and apply is on our Careers website. Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll be able to quickly apply for additional openings.

    I would like to apply for several different positions. Do I need to fill out an application for each job?

    No. You may apply for as many jobs as you would like. The online application will allow you to choose several positions. If your desired position is not listed, it is most likely not currently an open position. You may always call us to inquire about open positions available.

    How do I know if my resume or application has been receieved?

    You will automatically get a notification to your email when the application is submitted. You will get a call from us once we review your application. We look at applications on a first come, first serve basis. If you don’t hear anything from us within a week, please contact us to follow up. You may contact us at or (858) 488-1549.

    When will I receive a response to my application?

    Timing varies based upon which position(s) you have applied for. Our recruiters review job applicants daily for each opening and reach out to those who appear to be a strong match with the position.

    Will you let me know if you are not moving forward with my application?

    Yes, if we decide not to move forward based on the initial interview, we will let you know via email. Please note that if your interview is unsuccessful you can apply for any other open role- our career site is updated regularly to show new jobs when they are open.

    What is the interview like?

    Interviews are in person with park management at our administrative office located next to the Lazer Maze. You may be part of a group interview or individual interview. You will be asked about your job or school experience to get to know you better.

    NEW!! We are now providing candidates the opportunity to meet with our managers VIRTUALLY! If you select to interview with our management team virtually, please make sure your phone/ computer is fully charged and that your camera is functioning!

    Something came up and I need to reschedule or cancel my interview. What do I do?

    We understand emergencies happen or you may change your mind about the position. We appreciate as much notice in advance as possible but at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule or cancel. If you contact us in a timely manner, you will remain eligible to reschedule or be considered for positions in the future.

    If you do not provide us notice and fail to show up for your interview, you risk your eligibility for other positions with the company.

    Where is the office located and what are the HR office hours?

    We are located in Belmont Park (3146 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA,92109) next to the Lazer Maze (#16 on the park map) and are open 7 days a week, Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm, year-round.

    If you need to contact us outside these hours, we recommend you email

    Where do I park?

    There is no designated parking for employees or applicants. Please park in any of the free public lots surrounding the park. Parking gets filled quickly during our busy seasons (Summer and Spring Break) and on weekends. We recommend you give yourself plenty of time before your shifts and/or interview.

    How do I make an accommodation request?

    If you need assistance or an accommodation during the interview process, please contact us at (858) 488-1549 or

    Are there employee perks for part time employees too?

    Yes! Free ride passes and discounts on food and merchandise! All full time and part time employees receive this benefit. We also have fun events throughout the year!

    What are the personal appearance or grooming standards?

    As a representative of our company, we require employees to maintain a professional, neat, clean and well-groomed appearance.

    All employees must choose hairstyles and colors that are conservative and not extreme or distracting in color or style. Hair color must be a “natural” hair color or may be dyed a naturally occurring hair color.

    Beards, mustaches and goatees are allowed; however, they must be neatly trimmed and not longer than a quarter of an inch. Other than established beards, mustaches and goatees, you are expected to be clean shaven every work day. An established beard must not have any empty spaces between the sideburns, mustache or goatee.

    Note: Food service employees may be required to cover their facial hair to comply with
    Department of Health regulations.

    Please select tasteful and appropriate jewelry to wear at work. Remember that jewelry should be both safe and appropriate for your work environment; no extremes are allowed. Food Service employees must comply with Department of Health regulations. Consult your Supervisor or Manager if in doubt.

    Tattoos are not permitted if visible when wearing a company-issued uniform or when wearing business or professional dress. You may not cover tattoos on your hands or head with bandages or makeup however you may cover them with a sleeve.

    Which documents are acceptable to prove employment eligibility on the I-9 form?

    Visit for a listing of all acceptable documents:
    E-mail questions

    Park History

    Timeless Through the Years

    Since our opening in 1925, we’ve been offering the best year-round fun you’ll find in San Diego—from beachfront shopping to dining, entertainment, and more. But, our story’s anything but simple. Grab some popcorn and get to know us.

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