Vanessa Ray Weight Gain: Is the Cast of Blue Bloods Pregnant? (2024)

American actress Vanessa Ray, known for her role as Charlotte Drake on Pretty Little Liars, is reported to be pregnant. Let us determine whether the rumor is true.

Vanessa Ray Liptak is a renowned and award-winning actress, and she has a lucrative and lengthy career with one of the longest-running series on television, Blue Blood.

Is Vanessa Ray Pregnant? American tabloids recently announced that Vanessa Ray was pregnant after a romantic dinner date on Saturday, October 8, 2024, revealed that she had a prominent baby bulge.

On her date night, Vanessa made two toast with water instead of wine, according to a second source, as it is quite rare to toast with a whole glass of wine. Pregnant ladies who are no longer rational should not consume alcohol.

She has not confirmed nor disputed it. Following engagement rumors from earlier in the week, this has caused several rumors about the alleged pregnancy to circulate on online message boards and social media platforms within twenty-four hours.

Fans anxiously anticipating rumors about the pregnancy bump wine ban are the major indicators that will eventually lead to the Year’s Most Famous Baby News.

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Vanessa Ray: Pregnant or not?

Vanessa Ray Weight Gain: Is the Cast of Blue Bloods Pregnant? (1)

Recent weight increase, although some people still believe stupidly that she has a child.

The Pretty Little Liars actress was out to dinner with a friend on January 30, 2024, when she was chubbier than usual. According to an internet source, she apparently used water instead of wine to toast. The tale soon circulated on the internet once it was revealed that she had opted for water instead of wine. Ray hasn’t confirmed or refuted the persistent reports that she’s expecting. Instead, she decided to say nothing.

It follows that the revelation that she is pregnant with her current spouse, Landon Beard, has sparked the curiosity of web users wanting to learn more. A few months ago, they just commemorated their seventh wedding anniversary in June.

On the other hand, Vanessa Ray hasn’t made any comments indicating that she could anticipate it any time soon. The actress has shared photos of herself with her kids on numerous social media accounts. His articles seem to have a quiet place for those still youthful at heart.

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Who is Landon Beard, the husband of Vanessa Ray?

Vanessa Ray Weight Gain: Is the Cast of Blue Bloods Pregnant? (2)

The actor Landon Beard is married to Pretty Little Liars actress Vanessa Ray. His roles in the television series Generation Um are well remembered. Gravity and Sacrifice. Moreover, he is a musician.

According to rumors, the pair began dating in March 2009. Ray and Landon dated for six arduous years before their engagement announcement on March 18, 2015. announcement Vanessa uploaded a photograph to Instagram.

Vanessa Ray accompanied the photograph of the ring on her finger with a lengthy, self-written description. When the actor removed his shirt to display the ring, the actress commented, “I could feel his heart throbbing beneath his clothing.” The post was quickly met with an avalanche of congratulations.

The happy pair ultimately married the knot on June 14, 2015, following a six-year relationship and a five-month engagement. It was said that the actress wore dresses by Carol Hannah and Shareen for her special day.

On the guest list for the wedding was Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars. On occasion, Landon may mention the actress on his social media pages. In 2018, he stated on his Instagram account, “I’ve had the privilege of spending the last decade of my life with this.”

To help unaware individuals, Landon is not Vanessa Ray’s first husband. The stunning actress married her first husband, Derek Baynham, from 2003 to 2009. Lea Michele was formerly in a relationship with Landon, her current spouse.

The pair has been married for seven years; however, they have no children yet. It would appear that their job schedule leaves them with little time for their family. They are now engaged in the development of their careers.

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Is the Blue Bloods Cast Pregnant? Vanessa Ray Weight Gain 2024

Vanessa Ray Weight Gain: Is the Cast of Blue Bloods Pregnant? (3)

The weight increase of Vanessa Ray (@vrayskull) has been a frequent topic of conversation among Blue Bloods fans. The 41-year-old actress has also confessed that the allegation is real, citing a diagnosis of bipolar disorder as the cause of her unbalanced diet. As no one has announced the actress’s pregnancy, fans have begun to guess that she may be expecting a kid, but this is still speculative.

When comparing before-and-after images of Vanessa, her weight growth is evident, and admirers have theorized many causes for her weight rise. The actress has confirmed the rumor herself. For those who don’t know, the Blue Bloods actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which produced an imbalance in her diet. Dietary changes may have a significant impact on your health and weight.

After being diagnosed with bipolar illness, Vanessa started binge eating and lost control of her nutrition. Her excessive consumption of junk food and fast food contributed to her weight increase. Nobody could have foreseen the results of her drug usage, alcohol use, and terrible eating habits. The specific measurements of the 41-year-old actress are currently unavailable.

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A few years back, Vanessa went through a horrible moment and lost all confidence in herself. Vanessa felt terrible since she had a good career and did not wish to risk it.

The 1.63-meter-tall actress now prioritizes both her physical and emotional health. She maintains contact with her loved ones, regular exercises, and eats a good diet. Additionally, she is taking her medications as prescribed. Fans have also speculated that the actress’s possible pregnancy may cause her weight increase. However, Vanessa Ray has not been expecting a child until 2024. It is unclear what caused online people to assume she was pregnant; hence the genesis of the myth remains unknown.

After seeing weight fluctuations, fans began to suspect that singer Vanessa Ray was pregnant. As a result of her performance as Charlotte Drake in Pretty Little Liars, she has created a successful acting career and gained worldwide recognition for the role.

A web celebrity is frequently the target of unfounded allegations and assumptions. Similarly, one of the topics that receive the most interest online is the possibility that an American actress is pregnant. On January 30, 2024, Internet users saw the Pretty Little Liars actress enjoying dinner with a friend while visibly bearing additional weight around her belly. She also allegedly toasted toast using water instead of wine, according to an online report.

After it was reported that she chose to drink water instead of wine, the story quickly circulated on the internet. Ray has neither acknowledged nor rejected the rumors that she is anticipating. Instead, she decided to remain silent about it. Web users eager to learn more are intrigued by the news that she has a kid with her current spouse, Landon Beard (@landonbeard).

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On the other hand, Ray has not indicated that she will be pregnant soon. However, the actress has shared photos of herself with her children on various social media pages. The signals suggest that she has a soft place for youngsters and adolescents.

Vanessa: Is She Leaving Blue Bloods?

Vanessa Ray Weight Gain: Is the Cast of Blue Bloods Pregnant? (4)

Blue Bloods is a crime drama that debuted on CBS on September 24, 2010. Vanessa Ray portrayed the cop Eddie Janko’s role.

Eddie and Jamie’s romantic relationship is a plotline that millions of Blue Bloods fans have hoped for. In season 4, the two became patrol partners upon Vanessa’s introduction to the program.

In season 7, episode 8, they admitted their affection to one another and even kissed. However, when learning that they would be reassigned to other partners if they pursued a romance, they decided against doing so.

Nevertheless, throughout seasons 7 and 8, rumors have circulated that Vanessa is quitting Blue Bloods.

Moreover, everything turned around in the season eight finale. Jamie and Eddie decide to stay companions after realizing there is no formal regulation against it and become engaged. Therefore, Vanessa will not leave Blue Bloods. Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for the duo in season 9 of Blue Bloods since her role has been solidified.

Health And Weight Gain Of Vanessa Ray

Vanessa Ray has gained weight between her before and after photographs. In an interview with the podcast The Pink Lemonade Stand, she disclosed that her weight gain contributed to her diagnosis of bipolar illness.

As a result of this difficulty, she began to overeat and had no control over her food. Her excessive consumption of junk food and fast food led to her weight gain.

Her unhealthy diet, excessive drinking, and drug usage resulted in something unimaginable. However, her precise measurement is currently unavailable.

She had a difficult period a few years ago and “lost all worth in herself,” she claimed. Vanessa felt bad since she had a wonderful profession and did not wish to jeopardize it.

Currently, she is taking excellent care of her mental and physical health. She exercises daily, has adopted a healthy diet, and maintains close relationships with her loved ones. She also takes her meds as prescribed.

Her social media accounts are: Instagram, Twitter.

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Vanessa Ray Weight Gain: Is the Cast of Blue Bloods Pregnant? (2024)


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