Beautiful Modern Buildings In Africa

Often, it is European architecture that exists at the forefront of the world’s most celebrated feats of engineering. However, exploring the African continent has shown that it is not only the Western world that knows a thing or two about building magnificent structures.

Everywhere you travel, on different continents, through many countries and in a plethora of lands, styles of architecture differ – however, their majesty transcends cultural and historical boundaries.

The continent of Africa has a great deal to offer the world in terms of both technique and style. Here are 5 of the most beautiful modern buildings in Africa.

  1. Nabemba Tower – Brazaville, Congo

The tallest building in the Republic of Congo, the Nabemba Tower stands at 106 metres high with an impressive 30 floors in total. It takes the shape of a concave cylinder and truly is a sight to behold. The Nabemba Tower is also known as the Elf Tower and due to its complex design and the materials used to build it, requires $3 million a year for maintenance.

  1. Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Alexandria, Egypt

Boasting the most unusual appearance from the outside, the Bibliotheca Alexandria is a large library located in the city of Alexandria in Egypt. The sheer size of the building is absolutely astounding, with the main reading room covering 70,000 square metres. Indeed, it has the capacity to store eight million books on shelves.

The design of the building is just as spectacular from the outside. It boasts a glass-panelled roof that stands at 32 metres high and acts as a sundial.

  1. National Arts Theatre – Lagos, Nigeria

Built in the shape of a military hat, the National Arts Theatre of Lagos is the centre for performing arts in Nigeria. The design of the building pays homage to the regime under which it was built, that of Nigerian military leader, Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo.

Within the uniquely shaped structure there is a 5,000-seater concert hall that boasts a collapsible stage, as well as not one but two cinema halls. These halls have the capacity to make translation into eight languages, allowing them to be incredibly useful as well as inclusive to all. In its hay day, the National Arts Theatre of Lagos truly was a sight to behold, a fabulous feat of architecture.

  1. Ponte City Apartments – Johannesburg, South Africa

The highest residential building in Africa, the Ponte City Apartments boast a whopping 173 floors. The building is situated in the neighbourhood of Hillbrow. Not only is the building itself a tremendously large and complexly designed structure, but it also holds an enormous sign on its roof. In fact, it is the largest sign in the whole of the southern hemisphere.

  1. PSPF Commercial Tower – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The PSPF Commercial Tower, found in the very heart of the city of Dar es Salaam, boasts both commercial and residential use so you can work on-site and relax at home and enjoy betting online in New Zealand whenever you please. The structure is cylindrical, modern and truly is a sight to behold within the rich and bustling capital city of Tanzania.

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