Hong Kong’s Oldest Buildings

Hong Kong has one of the most iconic skylines in the world. With old, diverse architecture and impressive history, the city is a fascinating one. And while there are some buildings that everyone knows about, there are also a fair few hidden gems dotted all through the archipelago.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the oldest buildings in Hong Kong, each one of which is steeped in rich history and brings its own charm to the city’s icon status.

Tang Ancestral Hall

Another thing that Hong Kong is well-known for is its extensive hiking trails. Along one of the popular trails that takes you past 10 landmarks and heritage sites in the Ping Shang area lies one of the city’s oldest ancestral halls. Tang Ancestral Hall is an incredibly well-preserved structure, and in 2001, it was declared a monument. It dates back to 1271 and boasts two internal courtyards behind two drum platforms. Today, it remains a go-to spot for the area’s traditional ceremonies and festivals.

Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda

No list of iconic structures in Hong Kong would be complete without mention of the Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda. As one of the city’s oldest surviving structures, the pagoda is believed to have been built somewhere between 1368 and 1398, making it at least 650 years old. Located in Yuen Long, the structure is three storeys tall and shaped like a hexagon. It has a grey brick exterior and is also home to a Fui Sing statue, which is a popular deity for students looking to pass their exams.

1881 Heritage

As its name suggests, this neoclassical compound dates back to the 1880s, when it was first established as the headquarters for Hong Kong’s marine police. These days, the main building serves as a boutique hotel, and the signal tower, stable block, and old fire station are all home to F&B retail outlets. Despite its modern elements, most of its original Victorian architecture remains or has recently been restored.

Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse

This is perhaps the most scenic mention on this list, as it looks to be more from a storybook than a bustling city. Not only is the lighthouse one of the oldest surviving structures in the city, but it’s also one of the earliest colonial structures built, and was completed in 1875. Naturally, it has breath-taking views of the ocean and is a popular spot for both locals and tourists to snap pictures at.

Lei Chen Uk Han Tomb

Lei Chen Uk Han Tomb was accidentally discovered long before we could enjoy the bingo online Australia offers. It was uncovered in 1955 during construction work. The monument is believed to be a tomb dating back to the Eastern Han Dynasty from around 25-220 AD. As the oldest structure in Hong Kong, the tomb has been closed to the public in the interests of preservation. However, visitors are still allowed to view it through glass panelling. Attached to the structure is an exhibition hall, where pottery and bronze wares excavated from the tomb can be seen.

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