Mobile Homes That are Architecturally Unique

Over the past decade, the micro-living trend has become increasingly popular. As the costs of living continues to rise, many are seeking alternative types of residents that are cost effective and sustainable.

Mobile architecture aims to turn building space into resourceful structures that can be utilized either for stationary or mobile home placement. Here are some of the most architecturally unique mobile homes in the world.

The Blob vB3

This mobile home is a globular structure that resembles an egg lying on a landscape. The Blob was initially intended to be designed as a portable office space, but it was redesigned to feature a kitchen, bathroom, bed, and several other storage space. They used timber frames that are covered with stretching material to design the Blob and plastered it with polyester to provide the distinctive eggshell-like appearance.

Land Ark RV

The Land Ark RV was created to fulfil the architectural dream of couple Brian and Joni Buzarde. They have always wanted to have their own tiny home on wheels. The tiny RV is referred to as Drake and comes with a three-metre-high ceiling, with bed lofts that can sleep up to six people, a full shower, and 14 windows to enable natural lighting to come in.

Drake RV is a perfect example of how living in a small space can be appreciated for its functionality and the simplicity of just having major objects in the household.

The Collingwood Shepherd Hut

The Collingwood Shepherd Hut was designed by Gute, an Ontario based firm. The hut was designed to be a transportable home that combines German technicality with all the essential features that provide warmth, and homeliness of natural materials used.

The mobile home is set up on cast iron wheels, ensuring convenient placement from either remote locations such as in the woods, or by the road in front of a residential home. The Shepherd hut was inspired by traditional mobile huts that were present during the 19th and 20th century by shepherds.

Artist Bothy

Artist Bothy is named after the Scottish word for shelter. This small hut was designed by friends, an artist named Bobby Niven and an architect named Iain MacLeod. They designed this mobile home for artists who wanted the option of being able to set up their art studios at any remote location of their choice.

Artist Bothy is a compact cabin, with just 12.25 square metres of space to it and stands on a base of just 5.5 by 3 metres. The mobile home was a design dream that was made into a reality. The aim was to create a simple hut that can be easily transported and placed in a flexible space in isolated locations.


Gabriella and Andrew Morrison designed an innovate mobile home where the interior resembles a Manhattan loft as opposed to a typical house on wheels. The mobile home is almost 20 square metres, but surprisingly accommodates a fully functional kitchen, a bedroom loft, bathroom, a staircase, and some storage space. There’s more than enough space to kick back, relax and enjoy live NZ betting in HOMe.

The aesthetics of hOMe are crisp and clean, with bold black lines and modern amenities that all tie in perfectly to make this tiny dwelling a perfect alternative to conventional permanent living structures.

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