Remarkable Pyramids Of Giza Educational Facts

No matter what you think about the pyramids of Giza and their relation to supposed ancient aliens, the structures remain incredibly interesting. Yes, most of the attention the behemoth structures get is in regards to how they were built, but there is far more to look at than just their construction.

These astonishing, towering pyramids are remarkable achievements, so much so that some resort to absurdity to explain them. But let’s steer clear of conspiracy theories, focus on what is known, and appreciate the architecture. The following facts, although seeming outrageous, are actually true.

Extraordinary Height

Most know that the pyramids are tall, but just how tall really does defy expectations. The Great Pyramid Of Giza stands an incredible 481 feet tall. This means that from the time it was built, it remained the tallest manmade structure in the world for over 3 centuries. What finally took the crown? The Washington monument, established in 1311. To look at it another way, the Pyramid Of Khafre, 448 feet tall, is dramatically taller than the Statue Of Liberty by 100 feet.

Imagining how something this tall was built, 2570 BC, really does boggle the mind. Remember; it is supposed that even the simplest heavy lifting systems weren’t prominent at the time.

Built By Sheer Force Of Numbers

So how did the pyramids get built in such a primitive time? Calculations all had to be done manually, each of the 2 ton blocks had to be hoisted into place one by one, and the foremen certainly weren’t using their phones to browse Moto GP betting odds. The answer is sheer force of numbers.

Although there is no consensus on how the pyramids were built, what is known is that an incredible number of Egyptians were involved. Evidence found in a nearby village suggests that many of labourers weren’t primitive at all, at least not for the time. Many skilled artisans and architects were involved, most of which dedicated their entire lives to their craft.

More Than You Think

If asked to guess how many pyramids there are in Egypt, what would you say? A dozen? There are, in fact, over 100 pyramids in Egypt. It sounds outrageous, but do some research and you’ll get a clearer idea of reality. Yes, most aren’t as impressive or imposing as those at Giza, but they do exist, and are dotted across the entire country. Why pyramids were so important in ancient Egyptian culture isn’t known.

The Networks Of Shafts

Lastly, many assume that the pyramids at Giza are solid throughout; they aren’t by a long shot. In fact, each of the pyramids is crisscrossed with multiple shafts. Most of the shafts are assumed to allow air to flow in and out, thereby preventing workers from dying of suffocation. Other shafts seem to serve no other purpose than providing clear line of sight to astrological events.

Keep in mind that these shafts had to be incorporated while 2 ton blocks of stone were put in place. The precision truly is unbelievable.

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