The Best Gothic Architectural Designs In The World

Gothic architecture is a style that is best associated with dark and solemn cathedrals built of black stone. The Gothic style has mostly focused on creating stunning light spaces as this went hand-in-hand with the primary aim of cathedrals, which was to connect worshippers to their God.

The Gothic interiors were also designed to incorporate light to create taller looking buildings. The style was popular in European countries from the late 12th century until the 16th century. The Gothic style originated in France, however many other European countries managed to recreate their own versions.

These are some of the best Gothic architectural designs in the whole world.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a cathedral that is found in Paris, France and is the perfect example of the French Gothic style. Notre Dame is also one of the oldest Gothic cathedrals and has witnessed many well-known historic events such as the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Famous elements of Gothic architecture are pioneered by this cathedral, such as the flying buttress and the ribbed vault which define the style. Notre Dame is a popular tourist attraction, being the most visited monument in Paris. In April 2019, Notre Dame unfortunately experienced a devastating fire and had to undergo some reconstructions.

Milan Cathedral

Milan cathedral is found in Milan, Italy and is devoted to the nativity of St. Mary. It is the fourth largest church in the whole world and its architecture is described both lovingly and in a disdain manner due to its mixture of numerous architectural styles. The architectural styles are expected as the cathedral’s construction spanned from 1386 until around 1965.

The major shift in architectural styles occurred as a result of a change in taste for the traditional Gothic style, to a more contemporary style within that era which was the Renaissance style. Milan cathedral had many redesigns, from Gothic, Italian Renaissance, to Baroque and back again to Gothic. There are varied opinions regarding the cathedral but one common thing everyone has is the appreciation of it sheer size and history.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral is located in Canterbury, England and is a 112-century Gothic church that has existed all throughout a number of Christian denominations. The cathedral played an important stop for Christian pilgrims during medieval England. Gothic architecture greatly symbolized the intensity of Christianity during the medieval period.

The Canterbury cathedral experienced a fire in 1174 and was then rebuilt. It became the very first Gothic building in England. The cathedral’s-stained glass, which is a vital feature in Gothic architecture, played an important role for to the visiting pilgrims. Visitors who couldn’t read could still learn Bible lessons by following the pictures that were represented on the tall stained-glass windows. It was a far cry from today’s mobile real money casinos in Philippines but the idea was as innovative for the time.

Santa Maria Del Fiore

Santa Maria Del Fiore is a cathedral found in Florence, Italy and is also referred to as Florence cathedral. The cathedral consists of a few architectural styles including Gothic, Renaissance and Gothic Revival. Florence cathedral is particularly famous for Brunelleschi’s dome, which is a structural wonder that was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi.

Although some might argue that the cathedral has a more Renaissance feel to it, much like the Milan Cathedral, the Florence cathedral has a clear shift to a more contemporary gothic style with designer Arnolfo de Cambio providing the general design of the cathedral.

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