Tiny Homes Have Risen In Popularity – Here’s Why

The tiny house movement is one that has seen a high rise around the world for multiple reasons. Streaming channels such as Netflix even have a reality show called Tiny House Nation that showcases the most unique and architecturally pleasing tiny homes worldwide.

Standard tiny home sizes are about 400 square metres which is really small. Many people who have opted for a more minimalistic lifestyle prefer these types of homes since they offer the basics of what’s required of a shelter. Curious to know why people would prefer to live in a such homes? Read further.

They’re Simple

Society has convinced many to believe that a home should look a certain way and has to also possess certain features that are acceptable enough to be considered a family home. Tiny houses break the conventionality of what a home should be. They give access to people who can’t afford standard homes and give them the opportunity of being able to call these tiny homes their humble abodes.  Tiny homes have definitely provided a sort of inclusivity in the home market where anyone from all walks of life can have their own dwelling too.

They Make Economic Sense

One of the main reasons why people choose to have tiny homes is that they are much more affordable than standard homes. In essence, most smaller homes are relatively cheaper than larger homes, but this is highly dependent on geographical factors. Tiny homes also eliminate other costs associated with owning a house such as having to pay for bonds/mortgages, and the reduced price of the tiny house also significantly lowers taxes and insurances.

They’re Multifunctional

Tiny homes may just be enough for certain people; however, other families might find 400 square metres too small to accommodate everyone comfortably. Many families have instead decided to utilize their tiny homes as an additional room to their already existing homes. The tiny homes can serve as rental property to generate passive income, they can be considered as an add-on to their house, be transformed into a home office, guest house and even a studio.

Decreased Maintenance

Larger homes are great because they have ample space that make it comfortable and convenient for a big family. The con of a larger home is the maintenance, especially if you do not have a domestic worker.

Tiny homes have a reduced upkeep because there is only so much clutter that can accumulate, leaving you with more time to play real money casino online games. Chores that many people find tedious such as vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting, will take a fraction of the time to complete. Repairing some of your furniture or appliances will also be significantly reduced, saving you time and money.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

One of the most important reasons why many people choose to live in tiny homes is their desire to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Micro-houses have proved to be energy efficient for multiple reasons.

Tiny homes require a lot less energy consumption in comparison to standard homes. Activities that require the utilization of energy such as lighting, heating, and cooling significantly decrease and this is a huge positive for the environment. Tiny homes with solar panels have an even more impressively smaller carbon footprint.

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