The World’s Most Unique Restaurants

Most people are familiar with the standard layout of a restaurant. It’s usually set in a regular building, and will contain chairs, tables, a kitchen, and sometimes a few other extras to help serve customers. This is a practical design that works, but it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to creativity and imagination.

There are, however, some eateries spread across the globe that are truly unique, and have often been born out of artistic endeavour, and eventually turned into something that became world-famous. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the world’s best one-of-a-kind restaurants.

The Airplane Restaurant

Found in Colorado Springs within the state of Colorado, the Airplane Restaurant is exactly what it sounds like: a restaurant build straight into an airplane.

In fact, the plane in question here is a 1953 Boeing KC-97 Tanker that has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a comfortable atmosphere and seating arrangement for visitors. With almost 300 seats available and plenty of aviation-related memorabilia, it’s the perfect setting for plane lovers or for those that just want to experience something new.

The Brewery Catacombs

Situated Mount Joy of Pennsylvania, this restaurant can be found underground in the catacombs that date back over two hundred years. The original brewery was bought by a German man named Alois Bube in 1876, and while purchasing and running a brewery like that back then was incredibly common, almost all of them have since been shut down.

Not here, however, and much of the brewery has been converted into a unique restaurant that allows visitors to go and enjoy their dinner in the underground catacombs, complete with stone walls and candles to light the way.

Grotta Palazzese

This Italian restaurant is like nothing else in the world, and is partly famous due its traditional Italian cuisine, but also because it’s built right into the side of a cliff on the ocean. A beautiful grotto that allows views of the Adriatic Sea, it has been a popular dining spot for more than three hundred years, and today it’s a fine-dining eatery that visitors are unlikely to ever forget.

It’s become much more popular in the last few years, but visitors will want to keep in mind that there’s a long waiting list to be seated, and that it can be quite an expensive dining experience.

The Ice Restaurant

Finland is known for its bitterly cold winters, and in the Laplands not far from the Arctic Circle, a group of people decided to open a restaurant known as SnowVillage. While it’s certainly not the only ice hotel in the world, it’s still unique in almost every way imaginable, and it’s a great place to relax for a while with online slots in Canada.

It’s rebuilt once a year during the winter months, and just about everything in the hotel is made of solid ice, including drinking glasses. The cuisine is made from delicacies from around the area, although it’s a good idea to try and eat as quickly as possible.

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