Why Architecture is a Challenging Profession

Many people seem to believe that working as an architect simply means drawing pictures of pretty houses and nothing more. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

To be an architect, you need to be incredibly intelligent and well trained – you’re dealing with lots of numbers and the work requires a very specific skill set – but you also need to be able to enforce good project management, communication and more.

Here are some of the top ways in which architecture is an incredibly challenging profession.

  1. Technicality and Know How

To be a qualified architect, you need a degree, but it’s no walk in the park. Architects are required to have a lot of knowledge of engineering, construction and materials science – it’s not just about being creative. They also need to be able to design structures that are not only beautiful and attractive, but are also safe and functional.

  1. Creativity

Being an architect means that you need to come up with lots of new and exciting, innovative ideas all the time. That is, you need to be able to see a problem that somebody has – or listen to exactly what they want – and come up with your own spin on how best to execute that.

It can be incredibly difficult to be creative day in and day out, coming up with unique designs that are both attractive and architecturally sound.

  1. Environmental Responsibility

Being involved in building and construction, no matter how, means that you absolutely need to be aware of the impact that building has on the environment. Furthermore, it’s essential that architects consider designing buildings that are sustainable and energy efficient.

Now, this requires a deep understanding of environmental science as well as a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources.

  1. Project Management

Process of creating a new building involves not only the guys that do the actual building, but the people who design it and keep an eye on everything and everyone to make sure it’s all going according to plan.

Therefore, it’s really important for architects to also be good project managers. Projects are often complex and involve many different stakeholders, so they need to be able to manage these projects effectively, ensuring that they’re completed on time and within the agreed upon budget.

  1. Communication

This is one that’s very often overlooked, but communication is incredibly important when it comes to designing a new building. Architects need to be able to communicate their ideas to clients, engineers, contractors and other stakeholders .This requires excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to create detailed drawings and specifications and explain the math behind the building and how it all adds up.

Of course, practising your math or playing online pokies may help improve your ability to crunch numbers, but it’s not quite as good as being properly trained and knowing what you’re doing.

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